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  • Orders placed for the new roll-in station

    Published May 16, 2024

    A new roll-in station is in the making

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  • Experimental Hutch 2: Tenders welcome by 25 January

    Published Dec 29, 2023

    CeXS obtained funding to equip Experimental Hutch 2 at the Swedish Materials Science beamline, where extending the beamline's capability to support heavy-duty sample environments was a key design conc...

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  • Groundbreaking decision for PETRA IV

    Published Nov 20, 2023

    The German Federal Government's Budget Committee meeting on 16 November decided to start construction of the PETRA IV 3D X-ray microscope at DESY - and, allocated 40 million euros in start-up funding ...

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  • Community review of the Roll-in Station

    Proposed layout of the Roll-in Station, which will be located at EH2 of the PETRA III Swedish Materials Science beamline
    Published Jun 22, 2023

    On 21 June, 20 researchers and DESY staff joined the CeXS briefing about the proposed design and range of equipment options for the Roll-in Station. Feedback was positive. In the discussion of prior...

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  • Uppsala's Photon Science Day 2023

    Olof Gustafsson receives his award from Professor Olle Björneholm
    Published May 12, 2023

    Congratulations to Olof Gustafsson for winning the 2023 "Uppsala Photon Science Award”

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  • Swedish-German collaboration

    PhD students in the MATRAC I School visiting the Swedish Materials Science beamline
    Published Mar 15, 2023

    MATRAC Schools enable PhD students from Germany and Sweden to study the use of synchrotron and neutron research techniques - and also be together after the pandemic years

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  • New CeXS Technical Report on Sample Environments

    Published Feb 09, 2023

    Be inspired by the range of research experiments that are already possible - and simplify your search for a useful sample environment - by browsing our catalogue of sample environments that have prove...

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  • Combining X-ray imaging and diffraction for materials and biomedical characterisations

    Published Feb 03, 2023

    On 2 February, 50 participants from 26 different organisations joined this international seminar that was held at KTH Innovation. Innovation was what we aimed to inspire by providing leading examples...

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  • 2023 starts of with several learning opportunities

    Published Jan 17, 2023
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  • A successful 5 ECTS PhD course "Introduction to x-ray diffraction"

    The XRD that students used in their assignments
    Published Dec 12, 2022

    20 Industry researchers and PhD students now have skills in XRD - including how to upscale their lab work to use synchrotrons

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  • CeXS Technical Report presented to 50 industry researchers

    Dr Tao Zhou presenting the CeXS Technical Report
    Published Dec 01, 2022

    "Treatment and analysis of LSI data" was the theme of the MetalBeams autumn seminar, with the inventory of data reduction and analysis software having a natural spot in the programme

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  • CeXS on the road to Luleå University of Technology

    Montage courtesy of Dr Glenn Bark (Luleå University of Technology)
    Published Nov 30, 2022

    Local laboratories are a useful stepping stone into Sweden's large scale facilities

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  • Advanced course on beamline data analysis

    Course participants and tutors
    Published Nov 20, 2022

    This advanced course, with its hands-on data analysis concept with tutorials held by leading specialists in various data analysis software, attracted 50 applications. On 16-18 Nov, with 30 participan...

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  • PETRA IV: Vision launched at the funding phase kick-off

    Published Sep 13, 2022
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  • The Swedish Materials Science beamline - world leading instrument in the PETRA IV era

    The SiP 3 instrument at a future PETRA IV will have unparalleled spatial resolution capabilities
    Published Aug 31, 2022

    On 30 August, the Swedish Materials Science community concurs that a Multi-scale high-energy x-ray microscope for nanostructure dynamics in bulk materials and devices would enable excellent and releva...

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  • Which X-ray data analysis software?

    Published Aug 25, 2022

    Identify which software is useful for your research via the "Inventory of data reduction and analysis software used in high-energy X-ray research at PETRA III" - a new Technical Report from CeXS

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  • Uppsala University is affiliated to CeXS

    Published Aug 24, 2022
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  • Swedish privileged access extended to 2026

    Published Jun 23, 2022

    The Director General of the Swedish Research Council, Sven Stafström, has just signed an extension to the cooperation agreement for the PETRA III Swedish Materials Science beamline. Swedish privilege...

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  • Swedish X-ray science at the future PETRA IV - a national priority

    Published Jun 22, 2022

    The priority conclusion was one output of the VR's bi-annual inventory of researchers' needs. The inventory report also concludes that X-ray science at PETRA IV and MAX IV have the same priority.

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  • The PETRA III Swedish beamline is hiring

    Published May 17, 2022

    Apply soon to be an Industry Liaison Scientist

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