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  • New position at the PETRA III Swedish beamline

    Published Nov 25, 2021

    apply before 12 December

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  • 'Live' meetings are happening soon!

    Published Sep 21, 2021

    Book your place for hands-on courses and in-person events. First come, first served.

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  • Briefing on 1 Sept

    Published Aug 26, 2021

    CeXS invite researchers to a briefing concerning the Swedish Research Council’s bi-annual infrastructure inventory update (6 Oct deadline). The inven...

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  • Call for PETRA III beam time proposals

    Published Jul 27, 2021

    Proposals for Jan-Jul 2022. Deadline 1 Sept.

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  • 30 researchers in the review of the specs

    Published Jul 26, 2021

    The proposed sample environment will enable new scientific contributions - and researchers requested specifications also at lower temperature ranges

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  • Review the specs for a furnace sample environment

    Published Jun 17, 2021

    Take the opportunity to give input about your research needs for a furnace sample environment at the Swedish material science beam line, P21.2 branch

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  • Restrictions ease for Swedish researchers

    Published Jun 17, 2021
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  • The PETRA III synchrotron is open - with restrictions

    Published May 28, 2021

    Tips and links when planning for beam time access in the near future

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  • Sweden makes the most of PETRA III despite the pandemic

    A photograph of someone using a PC with a pic chart
    Published Apr 19, 2021
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  • Science at Large Scale Research Facilities

    images representing various large scale facilities and the data obtained from them
    Published Apr 07, 2021

    Science Directors from different x-ray and neutron facilities will explore – together with the webinar participants – the science, methods, applicatio...

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  • A research facility with superpowers

    Close up material
    Hi energy X-rays reveal the secrets of materals. Photo: Jens Birch.
    Published Feb 26, 2021

    What if it was possible to measure what happens to molecules as they react deep inside materials. To see what happens inside steel when it is manufact...

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  • We're hiring a post doc

    Published Jan 14, 2021

    You'll have the opportunity to conduct your own research as well as work with researchers in the Swedish community

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  • DESY Photon Science Users´ Meeting and SMS Satellite Meeting

    Published Jan 12, 2021

    This year these will be online events, held on 22 January and 25-29 January.

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  • Linux X-ray measurement theory webinar series continues

    Published Jan 07, 2021
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  • DESY has opened a call for long term project proposals

    Published Dec 14, 2020

    DESY have opened a call for Long-Term Projects (LTP) proposals for the Swedish Material Science beam line (P21.2 measurement station) and other beam l...

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  • 2 vacancies this way for ...

    Published Dec 14, 2020

    ... the opportunity to develop a novel x-ray imaging technique for filming processes in 3D - and implementing that technique around Europe

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  • Widespread support received for Swedish SIPs

    Published Dec 14, 2020

    Three Swedish material science and engineering proposals, comprising science cases and scientific instrument designs for the future PETRA IV, gained w...

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  • Online workshop | 11 Nov 2020 | 09:30 - 16:00 CET | Synchrotrons and materials research

    various logos and material pictures
    Published Nov 10, 2020
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  • Sweden's research plans for PETRA IV well received

    Published Oct 28, 2020
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  • Online workshop on instruments and research

    images of synchrotron plans and application areas
    Published Oct 09, 2020

    11 November 2020 | 09:30 - 16:00 CET | Hear about current and future research, in several material fields, from international experts who develop and ...

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