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  • 2023 starts of with several learning opportunities

    Published Jan 17, 2023
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  • PETRA IV: Vision launched at the funding phase kick-off

    Published Sep 13, 2022
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  • Which X-ray data analysis software?

    Published Aug 25, 2022

    Identify which software is useful for your research via the "Inventory of data reduction and analysis software used in high-energy X-ray research at PETRA III" - a new Technical Report from CeXS

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  • Uppsala University is affiliated to CeXS

    Published Aug 24, 2022
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  • Swedish privileged access extended to 2026

    Published Jun 23, 2022

    The Director General of the Swedish Research Council, Sven Stafström, has just signed an extension to the cooperation agreement for the PETRA III Swedish Materials Science beamline. Swedish privilege...

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  • Swedish X-ray science at the future PETRA IV - a national priority

    Published Jun 22, 2022

    The priority conclusion was one output of the VR's bi-annual inventory of researchers' needs. The inventory report also concludes that X-ray science at PETRA IV and MAX IV have the same priority.

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  • The PETRA III Swedish beamline is hiring

    Published May 17, 2022

    Apply soon to be an Industry Liaison Scientist

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  • VR visits the Swedish beamline

    Dr Maja Hellsing (VR) with Dr Ulrich Lienert (P21.2 Beamline manager)
    Photo Dr Maja Hellsing (VR) with Dr Ulrich Lienert (P21.2 Beamline manager).
    Published May 10, 2022

    Maja Hellsing from VR, responsible for managing the grants for Swedish privileged access to PETRA III, visited the synchrotron at the beginning of May.

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  • DESY facilities restrict access to state institutions in Russia and Belarus

    Desy logo
    Published Mar 05, 2022

    DESY has decided to prohibit all Russian and Belarussian institutions access and usage of DESY resources. This affects any PETRA users – regardless of nationality – affilated with Russian or Belarussi...

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  • Swedish governmental policy on cooperation with state institutions in Russia and Belarus

    Regeringskansliet logo
    Published Mar 04, 2022

    The Swedish Research Council is investigating the suspension of all formalised Swedish research collaborations with state institutions in Russia and Belarus.

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  • News from the P21.2 beamline

    Published Jan 24, 2022

    More than 50 people heard news about ongoing developments of the P21.2 beamline branch and emerging

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  • New position at the PETRA III Swedish beamline

    Published Nov 25, 2021

    apply before 12 December

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  • 'Live' meetings are happening soon!

    Published Sep 21, 2021

    Book your place for hands-on courses and in-person events. First come, first served.

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  • Briefing on 1 Sept

    Published Aug 26, 2021

    CeXS invite researchers to a briefing concerning the Swedish Research Council’s bi-annual infrastructure inventory update (6 Oct deadline). The inventory update enables us to put on the agenda the Sw...

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  • Call for PETRA III beam time proposals

    Published Jul 27, 2021

    Proposals for Jan-Jul 2022. Deadline 1 Sept.

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  • 30 researchers in the review of the specs

    Published Jul 26, 2021

    The proposed sample environment will enable new scientific contributions - and researchers requested specifications also at lower temperature ranges

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  • Review the specs for a furnace sample environment

    Published Jun 17, 2021

    Take the opportunity to give input about your research needs for a furnace sample environment at the Swedish material science beam line, P21.2 branch

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  • Restrictions ease for Swedish researchers

    Published Jun 17, 2021
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  • The PETRA III synchrotron is open - with restrictions

    Published May 28, 2021

    Tips and links when planning for beam time access in the near future

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  • Sweden makes the most of PETRA III despite the pandemic

    A photograph of someone using a PC with a pic chart
    Published Apr 19, 2021
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