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Hosting the PETRA III Swedish Materials Science beamline

CeXS focuses on the use of high energy X-rays in materials research and development, and is the academic host of the Swedish Material Science beamline at PETRA III.

About CeXS


Experimental Hutch 2: Tenders welcome by 25 January

CeXS obtained funding to equip Experimental Hutch 2 at the Swedish Materials Science beamline, where extending the beamline's capability to support heavy-duty sample environments was a key design conc...

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Groundbreaking decision for PETRA IV

The German Federal Government's Budget Committee meeting on 16 November decided to start construction of the PETRA IV 3D X-ray microscope at DESY - and, allocated 40 million euros in start-up funding ...

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Proposed layout of the Roll-in Station, which will be located at EH2 of the PETRA III Swedish Materials Science beamline

Community review of the Roll-in Station

On 21 June, 20 researchers and DESY staff joined the CeXS briefing about the proposed design and range of equipment options for the Roll-in Station. Feedback was positive. In the discussion of prior...

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Sample environments

The PETRA III Swedish Materials Science beamline enables the study of characteristics, properties and behaviours of diverse materials under a wide range of conditions – with researchers often using sample environments to conduct experiments to capture real time information about the dynamic behaviours.

Read more about the available sample environments: Sample environments

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Apply for access to PETRA III

Privileged access to high energy X-rays is open to Swedish universities, research organisations and companies for open research. Applications are made twice a year, during the spring and autumn. Companies can also apply for paid access at any time.

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