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KTH - Making the most of PETRA III

What are the research opportunities at PETRA III? How can I get started?

KTH is developing a strategy for enabling KTH's researchers to make the most of the large scale infrastructures MAX IV, ESS and PETRA III. As part of this strategy development, a number of meetings and workshops are planned.

This 9 June workshop on PETRA III is for researchers who want to know: i) what types of research is being done at PETRA III and ii) how to get started.

9 June 2021. Workshop programme

12:50 Join the zoom meeting here

Setting the scene

13:00 Introduction by Professor Mikael Östling, Deputy President KTH

PETRA III research opportunities

13:05 Overview PETRA III and research applications. Dr Oliver Seek (DESY)

13:30 CeXS, the PETRA III Swedish Node and Swedish privileged access. Professor Peter Hedström

13:50 Chemistry research at PETRA III. Professor Jinshan Pan

14:10 Bio materials research at PETRA III. Professor Daniel Söderberg

Getting started - and more

14:30 CeXS competence development. Dr Denise McCluskey

14:45 Discussion moderated by Professor Peter Hedström Concluding remarks Professor Mikael Östling

15:00 End of meeting

Follow up

There was an earlier workshop about MAX IV and ESS that announced a joint KTH and MAX IV event. This is now scheduled on 15, 16 and 17 June between 13:30 and 16:00 each day. See this material platform site  for more details of the programme.