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Courses and hands-on training

Various courses and training regarding high-energy X-ray measurement techniques, as well as the use of synchrotrons and neutrons, is provided by several organisations. Such education is listed according to the course level below, with a note of where hands-on training is an aspect of the course.

Access the SMS beamline?

Are you holding courses about the use of X-rays in material science? Would the learners on your course benefit from hands-on training at the Swedish Material Science beamline? If so, we will do our best to gran beamline access if you let us know via this KTH form .

Post your course here

Are you organising a course or training? Let us know about it, by filling in this KTH form, and we can announce your course here and on other CeXS social media channels.

PhD level courses focusing on X-rays

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KTH Royal Institute of Technology's course SK2550 X-ray Physics and Applications involves 6.0 credits of work and is held in the Spring term. For more information see this KTH webpage: Before choosing course

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Linköping University has a course, in two parts, on Thin Film Analysis by X-ray Scattering (I+II). These involve 5 and 4 weeks of work. For more information contact the course organiser, Fredrik Eriksson

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MAX IV organises Summer and Winter courses on either general methods or specialised topics. These are a week long and combine lectures with hands-on activities at a beamline.

The date of the next course is uncertain at present. However, the preliminary programme can be seen, and updates will be posted here: 2020 MAX IV Summer School in SR – MAX IV in Focus

PhD Schools

SwedNess is a graduate school providing research training in neutron scattering and is operated by six Swedish universities, with the aim to strengthen Sweden's long-term competence and competitiveness within the area.

Awareness of neutron scattering techniques can be a foundation to build an understanding of high energy X-ray measurement techniques. Moreover, complementary education on X-ray techniques and measurements have also been held as part of SwedNess educational activities.

Swedness organises a major week long event each year, Swedish Neutron week, which involves courses and networking activities that are open to the research community in both universities and industry. The next Swedish Neutron Week is planned for 3-6 May 2021.

Read more on the SwedNess webpage

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