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CeXS Activities and Projects

CeXS is the academic host of the PETRA III Swedish Materials Science beamline and governs Sweden's cooperation agreement with DESY for Swedish privileged use of PETRA III. CeXS also undertakes infrastructure development projects that aim to add value.

CeXS responsibilities, activity areas and projects - for adding value.

Governing responsibilities

CeXS is the academic host the Swedish Materials Science beamline at PETRA III. CeXS has governance responsibilities that are defined in the contract between the Swedish Research Council (VR) and DESY, who operate the PETRA III synchrotron. This contract concerns operations of the Swedish Materials Science beamline  and Swedish privileged access  to all DESY-operated beamlines at PETRA III. Such access also covers use of DESY's pool of sample environments  as well as the Maxwell data storage and analysis services. 

CeXS Infrastructure Development Projects

CeXS also undertakes a number of infrastructure development projects, also in partnership with other researchers. These are:

  • The PETRA IV prestudy , which is assessing the excellent research opportunities relating to the upgrade of the PETRA synchrotron, including conceptually defining the design of a novel instrument
  • A new roll-in station  for extending the use of the Swedish Materials Science beamline to more industrial-scale, heavy-duty sample environments
  • Developing and supporting the use of new sample environments  for enabling industry access
  • Streamlining  use of the Swedish Materials Science beamline. For example, by compiling overview information (see our Technical Report Series ) as well as considering research use of the Swedish Materials Science beamline as part of a more holistic process - from research planning to research results.

Education and dissemination

With regards to education and training, CeXS plans and holds events/courses as well as supports other organisations with their education initiatives. Naturally, CeXS also conducts communications and dissemination activities. Please see our calendar and LinkedIn  page.