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Experimental Hutch 2: Tenders welcome by 25 January

Published Dec 29, 2023

CeXS obtained funding to equip Experimental Hutch 2 at the Swedish Materials Science beamline, where extending the beamline's capability to support heavy-duty sample environments was a key design concept. This design was elaborated and specified, with specifications being the basis for a public procurement that opened in December. Suppliers are welcome to tender their offers by 25 January.

Since the June briefing to the community about the proposed design and range of equipment possibilities for the Roll-in Station, which will be located at the PETRA III Swedish Materials Science beamline's Experimental Hutch 2, work has been underway to specify the required devices.

Design concept

Complementarity to the instrumentation and sample environment support options already in place at the Swedish Materials Science beamline is the key design concern. Therefore the novelty in the proposed Roll-in Station is:

  1. Support of large, bulky sample environments up to 1.5 tonnes 
  2. Fast frame rates for data acquisition e.g. 4.5 k Hz or more 

Project plan

The project plan is broadly:

  1. December 2023: Request for tenders for a hexapod and detectors opens
  2. January 2024:
    • Floor preparations to ensure a good surface for the hexapod
    • Request for tenders for a detector portal opens
  3. Summer shutdown: installation of hexapod and cameras
  4. Autumn 2024: Experimental Hutch 2 is available for beamtimes

Specifications for public procurement

Suppliers are welcome to submit tenders in a public procurement proess. Potential suppliers are welcome to review the specification here  and submit a tender here  before 25 January.