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Swedish-German collaboration

PhD students in the MATRAC I School visiting the Swedish Materials Science beamline
Published Mar 15, 2023

MATRAC Schools enable PhD students from Germany and Sweden to study the use of synchrotron and neutron research techniques - and also be together after the pandemic years

Being together matters. After the pandemic years, MATRAC a Swedish-German collaborative programme in the field of PhD level education, was able to hold courses in real life again. And, enable students to visit and use synchrotron facilities. Dr Ulrich Lienert was therefore explaining the various components of the Swedish beamline's instrument, which was measuring phase and precipitate formation and evolution in research experiments using a furnace sample environment.

This Matric 1 School is organised by Jens Birch (Linköping University), Thorsten Gesing (University of Bremen), Maths Karlsson (Chalmers University of Technology) and Martin Müller (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon - Institute of Surface Science ). The MATRAC I school took place thanks to cooperation from DESY and MAX IV Laboratory as well as funding from Vetenskapsrådet / Swedish Research Council and the German government.