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The PETRA III synchrotron is open - with restrictions

Published May 28, 2021

Tips and links when planning for beam time access in the near future

DESY's latest guidelines about access requirements and restrictions can be found on this DESY website

Guest researchers may be granted beam time access - depending upon the German authority's are classification of the Covid-19 risk level. Sweden was a “high incidence area” on 28 May. The latest risk assessment information, in English, can be found on t his German authority website .

Assuming Sweden remains classified as “high incidence area” for the next few weeks, this means that your plans need to include a 10 day quarantine period prior to the beam time.

A tip from colleagues in Denmark is to:

  • Hire a house with a garden - and good internet connections
  • Drive to Hamburg, using ferry connections; and,
  • Buy your food before leaving home.

Other travel advice can be found on this European Commission's page  and app about opening up Europe.

Things should be easier soon as more of us get vacinated and a vacination passports system gets put in place.

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Last changed: May 28, 2021