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Review the specs for a furnace sample environment

Published Jun 17, 2021

Take the opportunity to give input about your research needs for a furnace sample environment at the Swedish material science beam line, P21.2 branch

DESY has a budget to procure a sample environment - a furnace - for the Swedish material science beamline, P21.2 branch.

The experimental needs of the Swedish materials research community has been assessed, and proposed specifications for a furnace sample environment developed, by a working group comprising Dr Ulrich Lienert (DESY), Professor Magnus Colliander (Chalmers) and Professor Peter Hedström (KTH and CeXS).

CeXS and the working group are now inviting the Swedish research community to review the proposed specifications as well as provide additional input.

Tuesday 29 June

10:20 Meeting opens. Join zoom here

10:30 Proposed specifications of the furnace sample environment. Dr Ulrich Lienert, DESY, P21.2 Beamline Manager

10.45 Examples of research uses of furnace sample environments. Professor Peter Hedström, KTH and CeXS Director

11:00 Discussion

11:25 Summary of review comments

11:30 Review meeting closes

After the Swedish community has reviewed the specifications, DESY will proceed with a public procurement process in order to acquire such a furnace sample environment.

Belongs to: Center for X-rays in Swedish Materials Science (CeXS)
Last changed: Jun 17, 2021