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News from the P21.2 beamline

Published Jan 24, 2022

More than 50 people heard news about ongoing developments of the P21.2 beamline branch and emerging

More than 50 people participated in the P21.2 satellite event, which is part of the annual DESY Photon Science Users' Meeting.

News from the P21.2 beamline branch includes:

  •  Staff increases
    • Two post docs are now working at the beamline, one developing 3DXRD software and one with a speciality in Mg measurements
    • A post doc to support industry is under recruitment
  • Experimental environments
    • Heavy portal and hexapod setup for mouting experimental environments complete
    • Lincon furnance commissioned
    • RÅC financed environment, led by Håken Hallberg (Lund) for peering inside metal foams; another led by Greta Lindval (KTH) to research 3D metal printing
    • Tehnical specs for the fast temperature gradiaent furance / dialotometer, with novelty of rotating samples, are being finalised
    • Plus others
  • New detectors have been commissioned and existing dectors will be upgraded
  • Experimental control and data acquistion software has been developed and will continued to be developed during 2022
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Last changed: Jan 24, 2022