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'Live' meetings are happening soon!

Published Sep 21, 2021

Book your place for hands-on courses and in-person events. First come, first served.

Now that restrictions are lifting in Sweden, we can meet again.

The following in-person meetings, workshops and hands-on training events will enable us to have deeper dialogues about our research with colleagues in the Swedish material science community, our partners at DESY and researchers internationally.

  • On 19 Oct in Stockholm, join new and experienced synchrotron users in this advanced course about strain-strain measurements and data analysis.
  • On 20 Oct, new users can go on to gain a realistic feel for stress-strain data analysis via the hands-on exercise.
  • On 11 Nov in Malmö, network with experienced researchers who systematically use synchrotrons to gain measurement results - and discuss your research support needs.
  • On 17 Nov, if you're missing zoom, then just turn up online hear an introduction to Pair Distribution Function measurement possibilities at the P21.1 branch of the PETRA III Swedish beamline - as an teaser for hands-on training at this beamline branch in 2022.

Book your places! First come, first served! And we'll meet again very soon!

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Last changed: Sep 21, 2021