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Briefing on 1 Sept

Published Aug 26, 2021

CeXS invite researchers to a briefing concerning the Swedish Research Council’s bi-annual infrastructure inventory update (6 Oct deadline). The inventory update enables us to put on the agenda the Swedish material science community’s beamline infrastructure needs at the future PETRA IV.

In December 2020, scientific visions for Swedish material science research at PETRA IV were presented in the three Scientific Instrument Proposals (SiPs) our community submitted, and the fourth we supported. These SiPs were positively reviewed by the international experts in DESY’s SIP review panel.

One next step is to put our community’s needs for infrastructure at PETRA IV onto the agenda of the Swedish Research Council, which we can do via VR’s coming call to update the inventory. The call will open in Sept and the deadline is 6 Oct.

A key aspect of the inventory proposal is our shared scientific visions for research defined in the SiPs. The proposal also needs an implementation plan. That implementation plan needs to take into consideration:

  • The Swedish Scientific Instrument Proposals (SiPs) for PETRA IV will require different high energy beamlines
  • DESY’s is proposing five high energy beamlines, and its PETRA IV project is refining its plans for their design, construction and commissioning.

There are several possible scenarios for implementation. CeXS consider it important that there is a community appraisal of these possible scenarios. Hence this briefing.

Wed 1 Sept. Briefing opens at 10:50. Join zoom here .

11:00 Welcome

The Swedish Research Council’s Inventory Call. Dr Denise McCluskey, CeXS

Status of the PETRA IV Project. Prof Christian Schroer, DESY

The Swedish SiPs and possible Swedish scenarios. Prof Peter Hedström, CeXS

11:40 Discussion

11:55 Summary of discussion and way forward

12:00 Meeting closes

Belongs to: Center for X-rays in Swedish Materials Science (CeXS)
Last changed: Aug 26, 2021