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30 researchers in the review of the specs

Published Jul 26, 2021

The proposed sample environment will enable new scientific contributions - and researchers requested specifications also at lower temperature ranges

The process for acquiring a furnace sample environment for the P21.1 beamline has three main stages.

Stage 1. Devise the furnace specifications

At Stage 1, an expert group with participants from DESY's beamline staff, KTH and Chalmers researchers has been assessing the research needs of the Swedish community and shaping a specification for a furnace sample environment.

The P07 furnace sample environment provided a useful reference. The P07 furnace can heat the sample - up to high heating rate. The temperature can then be quenched, enabling continuous measurements of the sample’s microstructure in-situ with a short time resolution (generally a few seconds), possibly performing a 2D mapping by translation of the sample with respect to the X-Ray beam. Thus, the temporal / thermal evolution of features (crystallographic structure, precipitation size …) within the sample can be captured.

The expert group then stressed the need for scientific novelty and so the proposed specifications for the P21.1 furnace is to add the capability to rotate the sample. This will enable, for example, 3D measurements of individual crystallites illuminated by the X-Ray beam (determining their location, orientation, structure …) during the applied thermal treatment. Thus, this proposed specification will enable the temporal evolution of individual features within the sample (non diffusion driven) to be captured in full 3D.

Stage 2. Community review of specifications

At Stage 2, on Tuesday 29 June, the Swedish research community was invited to review these specifications and provided additional input. 30 researchers participated in the discussion.

Overall the proposed sample environment was judged to be a useful research tool that will enable new scientific contributions. One key review feedback was a request concerning operation at lower temperatures: ask potential suppliers to also specify the performance of the furnace at lower temperatures.

By end August, researchers can welcome to contact CeXS to provide additional input.  

The specifications will then be finalised so they can be used in Stage 3.

Stage 3 Procurement

Stage 3 is a public procurement process that will be managed by DESY.

It is envisaged that the new sample environment will be commissioned in 2023.

Belongs to: Center for X-rays in Swedish Materials Science (CeXS)
Last changed: Jul 26, 2021