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Compact uniaxial load frame

Load frames are a standard lab tool, with in situ measurements offering the scope to provide new knowledge. One illustrative case is identifying deformation induced phase transformations. Another in situ example is assessing the lattice strain of different matrix phases and precipitates under various loads up to 5 kN.

Compact uniaxial load frame
Picture of the load frame at P21.2, courtesy of Dr. Ulrich Lienert.

Location: The P21.2 branch of the Swedish Materials Science beamline

Contact: The Swedish Material Science beamline's staff here


The P21.2 branch of the Swedish Materials Science beamline has a load frame for conducting in-situ uniaxial loading up to 5 kN load (with displacement control only, currently without heating capacity). Depending on the material to be investigated, this device could enable measurements of lattice strain evolution of different crystalline phases during loading.

Illustrative materials research cases

Miao et al. looked at the lattice strain of matrix phases (austenite and martensite) and precipitates (TiN and Y-Al-O nano-oxides) in oxide dispersion strengthened austenitic steel. These experiments were conducted at the APS synchrotron on the 1-ID beamline. Another possibility would be to quantify deformation-induced phase transformation, as performed by Choi et al. with an austenitic steel, displaying transformation-induced plasticity, who observed the evolution of the austenite phase fraction as a function of the applied strain. These measurements were performed at the APS synchrotron using the 11-ID-C beamline.

Other possibilities of measurements may be available for this instrument, and the interested reader is encouraged to discuss with the beamline scientists of P21.2 to seek further information and advice.

Research publications

Y. Miao, K. Mo, Z. Zhou, X. Liu, K.-C. Lan, G. Zhang, M.K. Miller, K.A. Powers, J. Almer, J.F. Stubbins, In situ synchrotron tensile investigations on the phase responses within an oxide dispersion-strengthened (ODS) 304 steel, Materials Science and Engineering: A. 625 (2015) 146–152.

[28] K.S. Choi, W.N. Liu, X. Sun, M.A. Khaleel, Y. Ren, Y.D. Wang, Advanced Micromechanical Model for Transformation-Induced Plasticity Steels with Application of In-Situ High-Energy X-Ray Diffraction Method, Metall Mater Trans A. 39 (2008) 3089–3096.