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Microscope with integrated LED light source

This optical microscope can perform 2D Surface Optical Reflectance observations, and is suitable for conducting surface characterisation research studies such as thermal catalysis, electrocatalysis, and corrosion science.

Microscope with integrated LED light source
Photograph of experimental setup, curtesy of Dr. Gary Harlow, Lund University.

Location: Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Availability: Potentially via collaboration. Contact Professor Edvin Lundgren

Alternatively, based on the specifications of this Lund University's sample environment, DESY Nanolab  has constructed a similar sample environment.


This optical microscope can perform 2D Surface Optical Reflectance (2D-SOR) observations. The wavelength of the light source depends on the chosen LED.

  • Spatial resolution: 5 μm
  • Light sources: 700 mW LED Thorlabs M660L4 (wavelength: 660 nm)
  • Camera: 2D CMOS Thorlabs DCC3260M (pixel resolution 1936×1216, maximum acquisition rate: 200 Hz)

 For a fuller description see: S. Pfaff et al. (2021) ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces Vol.13, No.16, p.19530.

Catalysis studies

Linpé et al. performed 2D-SOR analysis on polycrystalline Al as well as on single crystals of Au (111) and Pt (100). Pfaff et al. studied the oxidation of CO on a Pt (100) catalyst and showed that the evolution of the reflectance of the Pt (100) catalyst can be correlated to the evolution of the oxide thickness and roughness. These results required simultaneous 2D-SOR and SXRD operando experimental measurements.

The Swedish Materials Science beamline, P21.2 branch was used for several of these experiments.

For further information about this research see:

  • W. Linpé, L. Rämisch, G. Abbondanza, A. Larsson, S. Pfaff, L. Jacobse, J. Zetterberg, L. Merte, A. Stierle, Z. Hegedues, U. Lienert, E. Lundgren, G.S. Harlow, Revisiting Optical Reflectance from Au(111) Electrode Surfaces with Combined High-Energy Surface X-ray Diffraction, J. Electrochem. Soc. 168 (2021) 096511.
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