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Seminar: Uppsala University's affiliation to CeXS

Join us to celebrate Uppsala University's affiliation to CeXS. Gain an overview of the PETRA III Swedish Material Science beamline, Sweden's privileged access to PETRA III as well as Uppsala University's research involving synchrotron infrastructures.

Time: Mon 2022-08-29 09.30 - 15.00

Location: Uppsala University | Ångström Laboratory | Room 101127

Language: English

Participating: Various

09:30 Coffee and buns outside

10:00 Welcome and introduction (Olle Björneholm, UU)

10:05 The Swedish Materials Science beamline and CeXS (Denise McCluskey, CeXS Manager (KTH) and Peter Hedström, CeXS Director (KTH))

10:20 Uppsala and X-rays (Olle Björneholm, UU)

10:30 Official welcome to CeXS (Denise McCluskey and Peter Hedström, KTH)

Talks by researchers

10:35 Probing interfacial reactions in sustainable rechargeable batteries (Andrew Naylor, Chemistry Ångström, UU)

11:00 A sample environment for electron beam powder bed fusion (Hans-Henrik König, Materials Science and Engineering, KTH)

11:30 X-ray induced processes as the first steps of radiation damage (Olle Björneholm, Physics and Astronomy, UU)

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Shining light on alloys; some insights into metal hydrides and additive manufacturing (Martin Sahlberg, Chemistry Ångström, UU)

13:30 X-ray tomography (Rebecka Lindblad, Physics and Astronomy, UU)

14:00 Coffee

14:15 Discussion on future activities

15:00 End of meeting


Especially if you'd like to have coffee, please register here .

Belongs to: Center for X-rays in Swedish Materials Science (CeXS)
Last changed: Aug 24, 2022