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Introduction to PDF method

Online seminar about this key measurement method that is available at the Swedish beamline's P21.1 branch

Time: Wed 2021-11-17 13.30 - 15.30

Location: Online

Participating: Dr. Ann-Christin Dippel (DESY)

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The pair distribution function (PDF) measurement technique is a powerful method to provide quantitative research results about the local structure of materials at the atomic scale. Conducting PDF measurements, also under in-situ/in-operando experimental conditions, is possible at the PETRA III Swedish beamline’s P21.1 branch.

At this online seminar, Dr. Ann-Christin Dippel (DESY) will introduce the pair distribution function measurement technique as well as provide application examples from research at PETRA III. After Dr Dippel’s introduction, participants at the seminar have the opportunity to discuss the application of the PDF method to their research with her and other PETRA III beamline scientists.

Figure 5 from Billinge (2019)

It is anticipated that this online seminar will be followed by a 2-day event at PETRA III in 2022, where researchers can gain a deeper understanding of the PDF method as well as gain hands-on measurement experience at the Swedish beamline’s P21.1 branch.

Billinge Simon J. L. 2019. The rise of the X-ray atomic pair distribution function method: a series of fortunate eventsPhil. Trans. R. Soc.A. 377: 20180413.