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CeXS Live | Skåne Event

An in-person event!
Meet researchers who use the PETRA III Swedish material science beam line to find out more about how in situ / in operando experiments contributed to their research results.

Time: Thu 2021-11-11 10.00 - 16.00

Location: Clarion Malmö Live

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Malmö and Lund Universities are co-organising with CeXS a seminar “Introducing high energy x-rays for fundamental and applied materials science".

By providing a range of examples from ongoing research, the seminar aims to give researchers who are unfamiliar with using synchrotrons an insight into research possibilities –especially when using the PETRA III Swedish material science beamline.

After the welcome and introduction, the seminar is organised into sessions:

  1. Degradation of materials
  2. Characterisation on various length scales
  3. Industry needs

The seminar programme can be found here .

Please register here .