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Advanced course on beamline data analysis

Participants at the 2022 course

Over three days, this course will bring together synchrotron data analysis software experts with learners and learners' own data. Learners will be guided by the software experts to optimise analysis of their own datasets in small workshops of 5-8 people.

Time: Wed 2024-11-13 09.00 - Fri 2024-11-15 07.00

Location: Ångström Laboratory

Language: English

Participating: many experts

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This Advanced Beamline Data Analysis course is for PhD students/researchers who have some experience of synchrotron or neutron measurements - and have their own beamline data sets. Gaining experience in optimising the analysis of the datasets is the purpose of the course.

Guiding researchers through data analysis pipelines will occur in small workshops of 5-8 people - plus the software expert. Each software expert will lead a couple of workshops over a 3-day period. Experts representing all the major synchrotron analysis software programmes will be there to run workshops.

This course has been held in 2022, where 30 participants were selected from 50 applicants.

What will be new in 2024 is that, before the main 3-day programme, there will be some introductory sessions. These sessions will be target students/researchers who are new to the field- so that they gain sufficient knowledge of scattering theory so that they can participate in a meaningful way in the hands-on workshops.

The programme will be announced before the summer.