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About CeXS

CeXS Center for X-rays in Swedish materials science is a national centre tasked with securing Sweden’s interests at the DESY operated PETRA III infrastructure in Hamburg. The center is a collaborative venture between KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Linköping University, co funded by the Swedish Research Council, and aims to optimise the development of the Swedish material science beam line as an instrument for advanced materials research.

InSitu PVD chamber and Jens Birch in exp hutch
InSitu PVD chamber. Photo: Jens Birch.

Securing Swedish interests at PETRA III

The Swedish Research Council (VR) invested in CeXS in connection with investments at PETRA III at DESY in Hamburg. Sweden has privileged access to PETRA III and a Swedish material science beam line (P21) has been built. CeXS acts as the academic host of the Swedish material science beam line, and is tasked with securing Swedish interests at PETRA III .

CeXS protects Swedish interests by:

  • Monitoring Swedish submissions
  • Observing the review meetings where proposals are ranked for priviledge access, and
  • Collecting data about a) Swedish use of PETRA III and b) everyone’s use of the P21 beam at PETRA III.

Additional duties are:

  • Raising awareness about the research possibilities at the Swedish Material Science beamline, especially amongst researchers who are new to high-energy x-ray tools
  • Providing training and support to Swedish researchers and industry about why, when and how to use high energy x rays
  • Disseminating the results of Swedish research at PETRA III, DESY


High-energy synchrotron radiation provides a powerful tool for materials characterization bridging the important gap between electron microscopy and neutron diffraction. Furthermore, high-energy X-rays has become an integrated part of the materials characterization toolbox for Swedish research in materials science, including research at universities, institutes and companies. The brilliance of the PETRA III synchrotron has enabled the development of state-of-the-art capabilities at the SMS beamline. These capabilities have been tailored to the needs of the Swedish materials research community and the full potential is exploited for world-leading Swedish research in materials science.


The mission of the CeXS includes:

  • Increase the awareness and usage of high-energy X-ray characterization in materials science in the Swedish research community, at universities, research institutes and companies.
  • Train the Swedish materials research community in the use of high-energy X-rays within materials science, including training of researchers and students.
  • Develop scientific scope and experimental environments for the Swedish Material Science beamline.
  • Monitor and report on Swedish beamtime use and impact of Swedish researchers at PETRA III.
  • Disseminate the Swedish research at PETRA III to stakeholders, including giving examples of research in different research areas.
  • Safeguard the Swedish academic as well as societal interests at the Swedish Material Science beamline.
Belongs to: Center for X-rays in Swedish Materials Science (CeXS)
Last changed: May 20, 2021