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What's the process

The process to develop scientific excellent proposals has the following stages:

  1. Investigate technical possibilities and scientific opportunities
  2. Identify instrumental approach (in particular for theme 3 above)
  3. Formulate science case
  4. Identify user community
  5. Submit scientific instrumentation proposal 1 December 2020

Some key milestones where you can directly engage in this process are:

14 Sept. Swedish Proposal Workshop

This zoom workshop aims to ensure that Swedish proposals are developed and well anchored in the Swedish materials research community. Join this workshop via this zoom link . Get a slot on the agenda for the proposal workshop by contacting us via this KTH form

19-21 Oct. DESY Workshop “Materials and Processes for Energy and Transport Technology”

This DESY workshop aims to strengthen the scientific user involvement in the upgrade and communications between user communities. Register using this desy link .

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