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What is the upgrade planning process?

PETRA III is operated by DESY and we understand that the DESY process to plan the upgrade has 3 stages.

The first stage is happening now! It's purpose is to envision new experimental possibilities. DESY has invited researchers to propose novel experiments for scientifically excellent research using the fourth generation facility. The deadline for proposals is 1 Dec 2020.

The second stage then starts in 2021. This stage involves combining these proposed experiments to design beamlines. Other factors such as funding possibilities will also be considered at that stage. (Note. The current Swedish privileged access contract, and previous investments in the Swedish material science beamline, are NOT on DESY’s upgrade agenda at the present time.)

The third stage is to plan the rebuilding process, with primary beamlines that offer novel experimental possibilities being constructed and commissioned first.

The shutdown of PETRA is planned from 2025.

The shutdown will occur even if the full funding for the entire upgrade of all beamlines is not yet secured.

It is likely to take at least 2 years to commission the major beamlines. Secondary beamlines will take longer to commission.

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