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Application process

Apply for privileged access by submitting a beam time proposal if you will publish measurement results. Apply for paid access to keep results confidential.

Swedish Materials Science Beamline P21
Swedish Materials Science Beamline P21. Photo: Jens Birch.

Privileged or paid access?

Access to synchrotron beam lines at PETRA III, DESY is open to Swedish universities, research organisations and companies. The process for gaining access depends upon whether you wish to publish the results from the measurements, or keep these entirely confidential.

Applying for privileged access

If you’re happy to publish measurement results in scientific articles, then you can apply for privileged access by submitting a beam time proposal.

Read more about the application process here: Applying for privileged beam time

Paying for confidential access

If you wish to keep your results confidential, it is necessary to pay for access to PETRA III.

If you’re experienced in beamline measurements, know there is an experimental environment that you can use, and have a clear project plan, then you ought to be able to gain access to the PETRA III facilities by contacting DESY’s Industry Relations Manager.

DESY’s Industry Relations Manager:
Sabine Jähmlich
Phone: +49 40 8998-4579

Match-making service

If you need support with measurements, see our getting started advice, and contact us if you would like to be matched to a relevant research group.

Advice for industry researchers

If you have little prior experience, you should know that costs vary significantly. They depend on the duration of the experiments, availability of experimental environments as well as the amount of support you need to conduct the measurements and analyse the enormous volumes of experimental data.

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Last changed: Feb 25, 2021