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CeXS role and duties

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The Swedish Research Council (VR) has invested in PETRA III at DESY in Hamburg. A high energy beamline was especially designed, built and commissioned to provide a bespoke research instrument for the Swedish material science and engineering community. This beamline is has two measurement stations (P21.1 and P21.2) and has two is called the Swedish Material Science beamline.

Swedish Research Council funding also enables researchers affiliated to Swedish universities, institutes and companies to gain privileged access the Swedish Material Science beamlines as well as other beamlines at PETRA III.

In connection with these capital and operational investments, The Swedish Research Council (VR) also funds this Center (CeXS).

CeXS is tasked with securing Swedish interests at PETRA III. CeXS protects Swedish interests by:

  1. Monitoring Swedish submissions for beamtime access
  2. Observing the review meetings where measurement time is prioritised, and
  3. Collecting data about a) Swedish use of PETRA III and b) everyone’s use of the Swedish Material Science beam.

Additional duties are:

  1. Raising awareness about the research possibilities at PETRA III in DESY, especially amongst researchers who are new to high-energy x-ray tools
  2. Providing training and support to Swedish researchers and industry about why, when and how to use high energy x rays
  3. Disseminating the results of Swedish research at PETRA III, DESY

CeXS activities are orchestrated by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Linköping University on behalf of the Swedish research community. Many CeXS activities also engage researchers from a range of Swedish organisations. 

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